Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Nephew Bee's Game

Mid July, Justin's work gave him 5 tickets to the Bee's Game. They gave us dinner and treats and out in the field behind the game they had a little carnival where they were doing free train rides and face painting. We took my 3 nephews to the game andTeik is pretty young to enjoy watching the game so I took him on the train and to get his face painted. My other nephews are older and loved waiting for a fly ball to come into the stands where they could catch it. Tyson was almost lucky enough to catch a fly ball but missed so I went and bought them all a ball so they could take it home with them. I love going to Bee's games because it reminds me of when went to the Yankee's game with my dad when I was younger.

Baseball games are always a good time!

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