Saturday, April 23, 2011

Western Carribean Cruise

We went in Mid April and we couldn't have had more fun!!!! Justin's work took us and about 40 other of his coworkers and their spouses on a cruise to the Western Carribean.

We first flew into Miami and spent the night. We went arrived at about 6pm so we went straight to the hotel, changed our clothes and then headed to South Beach. We had dinner and then walked down Ocean Drive where there was tons of night life, restaurants and the beach right across the street. **On a side note I was super excited to see the Gelato Place where the Jersey Shore people worked. YUP! I love me some Jersey Shore!!!

Anyway we went back to the hotel had a great night sleep and then headed for the ship the next morning. We got on board and the party started. Everyone went to the pool and started dancing to the live band. Justin jumped right in and I, of course, took pictures! After dancing and visiting at the pool, we headed to the cocktail party that Spring Mobile hosted where Justin was recognized for being with the company since they opened 10 years ago. He got an awesome watch. We ended up dancing and hanging out at that lounge almost all night. Justin is an amazing dancer and he had a blast dancing with everyone and also he won a dance off!!! It was AWESOME!

The next day we spent on the ship on our way to Grand Cayman. We played shuffle board with a cute Grandpa and his grandson. We got beat big time!!! But we had tons of fun.

We also went to an oragami class where we made a cute little box. Justin just couldn't get it and got really confused!

The next day we arrived in Grand Cayman where we went snorkeling in the ocean and then went to Stingray City, which is a sandbar in the middle of the ocean that has tons of stingrays swimming around. You got out of the boat and stood in like waist deep water. We got to hold the stingray and I we got a back rub by one. It felt super weird!

After that the next stop was Cozumel, Mexico. Us and a bunch of Justin's coworkers rented scooters and drove around the whole island. We stopped at the beach for a little bit and had some good guacomole.

After Mexico we headed back to Miami to catch a plane home. It was an awesome trip! We had a great time and we are so grateful that Justin works for such an awesome company that would take us on this amazing trip!

Chicken Coop

Justin's sister, Trisha, asked if he would build her a chicken coop for her new chicks that she got. Justin loves to build so he got right on it and 2 days later she had an awesome chicken coop.