Thursday, March 31, 2011

Girls Craft Night

My Step Mom, sisters and I got together and made Easter wreaths for our front doors. My sister Missy made cookies in between us chatting and gluing ribbon to our wreaths. They all turned out really cute and were super easy to make!

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sledding at Soldier Hollow

We went up to Soldier Hollow last weekend to go sledding with Justin's sister Amber and her family. We had a great time!

Soldier Hollow has one of those things that hooks to your tube and takes you up to the top of the hill. AWESOME!

The first trip down the hill was really slow because the snow was man made and the weather was really warm. So you had to run and jump on the tube in order to get going a little bit. We thought that it might get a little colder and a little faster if we changed to the last session of the night, so we did. Right as soon as our next session began it started to rain. But the rain actually made it better!
Have I mentioned how much I LOVE sledding? It might be a sickness! I am getting a little too old to be sledding because every muscle in my body aches afterward, but it is so worth it!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Great News!

We found out a couple of weeks ago that Justin's work is sending us on a Carribean cruise!! We are so excited! We can't wait to go! We are leaving Mid April for a week and it's free! We get to fly into Miami and cruise around to Grand Cayman and then to Cozumel Mexico. We are so EXCITED!!!!


New Years

For New Year's we went to dinner at The Cheesecake Factory with Zach and Emmie and Zach's brother and his wife. After dinner we all rushed downtown for some First Night fun! At the Salt Palace they had a half pipe with all of these snowboarders doing tricks. It was awesome to watch but so cold. So we went inside and went to the Ballroom where they had a DJ and a ton of blow up balls. We had so much fun dancing and keeping the balls in the air. Then right as the New Year count down began we went outside. We had a great time with some great company!

The Icicle Twist

Justin's mom put together a Murder Mystery Dinner called "The Icicle Twist". We all dressed up and played the part. But Justin really plays the part. He didn't break character for even a minute. It was so fun!


Christmas was a blast. I love Christmas!

We made gingerbread houses with Zach and Emmie.

We went to Temple Square to see the lights.

I was able to see the David Archuleta Christmas concert with Justin's mom and sisters.

We decorated our Christmas tree.

We pulled the kids on tubes and sleds behind the four wheeler.

I bought Justin a new Beach Cruiser bike for Christmas.

Justin was able to take his brother to his first Jazz game.

We went to my family's Christmas Party in Idaho, Justin plays Santa every year.

It was the best time. Christmas is always so busy but I love all of the hustle and bustle... Call me Crazy!


We had Thanksgiving at Justin's Mom's house this year. Here are our family pictures...


We finally dressed up for Halloween this year. We went with our friends Emmie and Zach to our ward Halloween party and then went out to dinner. We decided to dress up as the Scooby Doo Gang...

A few days later we all carved some pumpkins...

Trip to Arizona

Mid October we went to Tucson, Arizona to visit my family. My mom and my sister live really close to eachother so we were able to spend alot of time all together. While we were there we hung out with my neice Tana that we do not get to see very often. I can't believe how fast she is growing and I love her sassy personality. She loves fashion and she loves jewelry.

We hung out at my sister's pool alot and then on our last day there we decided to visit the Biosphere 2. It is a building where scientists and NASA have tried to recreate the earth's ecological system. The Biosphere has all different elements from the rain forest to the desert. They had several scientists locked in the building for 2 years to see if they could survive. It worked out pretty well but they ultimately could not use the biosphere for the purpose they wanted. NASA hoped to put a biosphere on another planet but the biosphere was overran with insects. So now the biosphere is part of the University of Arizona for students to use. It was really cool to visit because you are able to see things like the ocean and the rainforest in a building.

Neice and Nephew sleepover

In October Justin and I had the our neices and nephews over for a sleepover and we thought it would be fun if we made a huge blanket tent in the living room and watch movies. It was a huge mess but we had a ton of fun! The kids stayed up so late watching movies, I thought they would fall asleep pretty quickly but I was so wrong. At 1:ooam I finally shut off the movie and we went to bed.

Love this pic...

Late September we had Justin's family over and Justin's mom fell asleep on the couch watching cartoons and all of the kids ended up sitting wherever they could fit on the couch and tried not to wake grandma. So Funny!

Playing Catch Up....

I am so bad about updating this blog.... It seems like time just gets away from me. So I have decided to do alot of updating for my friends and family. Sorry for all of the posts but I want to get it all on here. We have been having a ton of fun lately and I want to share it all...